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4th August: Chef Director for Camberwell Arms & Franks in Peckham Coming to Cafe Barletta

Over the summer we thought we’d invite some of our friends down to cook a slap up Sunday lunch here at Dreamland.

First up is Chef Director for Camberwell Arms + Franks in Peckham – Michael Davies.

The Camberwell Arms is an award winning pub and neighbourhood restaurant in South East London. The menu is comprised of simple ingredient led dishes, with almost everything being made in house, it treads the path between desirability, glamour and accessibility. Family style sharing plates, and an informal style of service create an atmosphere of conviviality, aiming to deliver all the quality that you would find in a fine dining restaurant, without the starch.

At the helm is Michael, who has been a chef for 12 years! Throughout his career his focus has been on the intrinsic qualities of the best ingredients, and how to accentuate them through simple considered cooking. His food is food that’s made to be eaten. When he opened The Camberwell Arms he wanted to create a Neighbourhood restaurant that meant that you could leave your house and get the same quality of food that is available in Central London for less money, in a less formal setting and without travelling.

On 4th August, Mike will be travelling to us, cooking up an Italian lunch for us all to feast on for one day only!

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Aperitivo + three courses – £29

Caprese salad

Free range roast chicken
Slow roasted Sicilian aubergines

Rosemary and roasted garlic roasties
Mint sauce

Berries, zabaglione and amaretti

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